Thursday, November 12, 2009

Advice from Buffalo's favorite furnace repairman

If you want to be sure your furnace is ready for winter, so it doesn’t break down when it’s freezing outside...then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read. Here’s why.
Vincent’s Heating & Cooling, one of the most respected service companies in Buffalo, will perform a Precision Tune-Up and Safety Inspection of your furnace for a special low price this month.
But more importantly, Vincent’s guarantees that if your furnace breaks down for any reason this winter, you’ll receive a...
100% refund of your questions asked!
Best of all, this Precision Tune-Up will pay for itself.
Here’s how.
During the winter your furnace gets dirty and becomes less efficient. It gets out of alignment and wears out about twice as fast as it should.
Most furnaces that haven't been maintained die in "middle age" and use up to 53% more gas than they need to.
This Precision Tune-Up is like having your furnace restored to almost "factory fresh" condition.
That means it could save you up to $100 in gas – and make your furnace last longer. Don't wait any longer. Just pick up the phone and call Vincent's Heating at (716) 634-4700

Saturday, September 5, 2009

what every Buffalo homeowner needs to do before they turn on their furnace

It's the colorless, odorless gas that can be lurking in your home.

It kills over 300 people a year. It’s carbon monoxide. And it recently claimed the lives of a Cheektowaga mother and son.

There’s only one way to prevent a tragedy from happening to your family. And that’s to have your furnace inspected by a professional. Here’s why.

The heat exchanger is the “heart” of your furnace. And it can go bad at anytime. A “crack” develops and deadly exhaust fumes enter your home - instead of going out the chimney.

It’s only a question of when it will happen - and how dangerous it will be.

All it takes is just one phone call to protect your family.

Vincent’s Heating & Cooling, one of the most respected service companies in Western New York, will perform a Precision Tune-Up and Safety Inspection of your furnace for a special low “end of winter” bargain price.

Most importantly, Vincent’s uses a new infrared video device called The Inspector™.

When The Inspector™ detects a potential problem, the homeowner can see it in “real time” for himself or herself, rather than having to rely on the word of a service technician.

The Inspector™ can detect cracks in furnace heat exchangers with far greater accuracy than traditional visual inspections. This portion of the service is worth $100+ by itself. And it’s included at no additional charge.

Since you want to protect your family, and your satisfaction is guaranteed, doesn't it make sense to the Precision Tune-Up & Cleaning a try? You owe it to yourself and the safety of your family.

Just call Darshane from Vincent’s Heating & Cooling at (716) 634-4700, and she will schedule a technician to your home. Only 23 appointments are available each week, so call now to avoid a wait of several weeks.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

is this Buffalo NY's best heating contractor?

As the month of August ends, so does summer. And you know what that means? Fall will be approaching - along with the cold weather.

The first cold snap hits - and you head to your thermostat.

You turn on the heat.


Nothing happens.

Your furnace isn't working. The family is complaining and you don't know what to do next. Don't worry.

A simple phone call to Vincent's Heating & Cooling at (716) 634-4700 is all you need to do.

Vincent's Heating is Buffalo New York's favorite heating & cooling contractor. They are also the most dependable. And most importantly, you satisfaction is guaranteed.