Saturday, September 5, 2009

what every Buffalo homeowner needs to do before they turn on their furnace

It's the colorless, odorless gas that can be lurking in your home.

It kills over 300 people a year. It’s carbon monoxide. And it recently claimed the lives of a Cheektowaga mother and son.

There’s only one way to prevent a tragedy from happening to your family. And that’s to have your furnace inspected by a professional. Here’s why.

The heat exchanger is the “heart” of your furnace. And it can go bad at anytime. A “crack” develops and deadly exhaust fumes enter your home - instead of going out the chimney.

It’s only a question of when it will happen - and how dangerous it will be.

All it takes is just one phone call to protect your family.

Vincent’s Heating & Cooling, one of the most respected service companies in Western New York, will perform a Precision Tune-Up and Safety Inspection of your furnace for a special low “end of winter” bargain price.

Most importantly, Vincent’s uses a new infrared video device called The Inspector™.

When The Inspector™ detects a potential problem, the homeowner can see it in “real time” for himself or herself, rather than having to rely on the word of a service technician.

The Inspector™ can detect cracks in furnace heat exchangers with far greater accuracy than traditional visual inspections. This portion of the service is worth $100+ by itself. And it’s included at no additional charge.

Since you want to protect your family, and your satisfaction is guaranteed, doesn't it make sense to the Precision Tune-Up & Cleaning a try? You owe it to yourself and the safety of your family.

Just call Darshane from Vincent’s Heating & Cooling at (716) 634-4700, and she will schedule a technician to your home. Only 23 appointments are available each week, so call now to avoid a wait of several weeks.


  1. Vincent's heating and plumbing is a spamming scumbag, the lowest order of life on the planet. I would never give someone tthis dis-reputable a dime of my money.


  2. So he made a mistake by posting at your forum. He's obviously a real person who is learning a lesson about advertising on the internet. The irony is your leader MaryScott O'Connor is an even worse spammer. She's been all over the net for years hawking her rants, all leading to her begging for donations. Pot meet kettle for sure.

  3. At least Vince is providing a service. What has MaryScott O'Connor ever provided anyone but access to Fox News producers and insights into her personal problems that no one ever asked for. MaryScott's 15 minutes passed a very long time ago. Good luck with your business Vincent.

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